Admission Requirements

If you have completed or are enrolled in the final semester of a Bachelor’s programme, you are eligible to apply for the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master (EMJM) in Global Environment and Development (MERGED).

Applicants with a Bachelor’s degree in the following, meets all the  academic requirements for admission to the Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters in Global Environment and Development (MERGED).

Note however, that you still need to document that you meet the Language requirements of the programme.

Agricultural Economics, Animal Science, Anthropology

Biochemistry, Biology, Biotechnology, Economics, Food and Nutrition, Geography and Geoinformatics, Natural Resources, Sociology or within the fields of natural or social science from the University of Copenhagen.

Professional Bachelor’s degree

Professional Bachelor’s degree in Forestry and Landscape Engineering from the University of Copenhagen.

Biology, Biotechnology, Geology, Agronomy, Economy

or other natural or social science bachelor’s from the University of Milan.

Applied Sociology and Social Anthropology,

Applied Geology, Biology, Biotechnology, Economics, Geography, Geophysics in Geology, Interdisciplinary Economic-Managerial Studies, Psychology, or Sociology from the University of Warsaw.

Agrobiology, Agriculture, Agricultural Economics, Animal Science

Anthropology, Biochemistry, Biology, Biotechnology, Development Studies, Economics, Environmental Science, Food Science, Forestry, Nutrition, Geography, Natural Resources, Natural Science, Rural Development, Sociology or within the fields of natural or social science from other Danish, Italian, Polish or international universities.

Other Bachelor’s degree

from international universities comprising at least 60 ECTS in one of the following areas: agriculture, anthropology, biology, development studies, economics, food science, forestry, geography, natural resources, sociology.

The MERGED admission committee assesses all applications individually based on its academic content. You can only get an answer to whether or not your degree meets the admission requirements by applying for admission to the programme. We do not pre-assess applications.

Language requirements

  • To gain admission to the MERGED programme, all applicants must document their English proficiency.
  • We accept the following two ways of documenting the level of English proficiency:

Tuition Fee

The price setting of participation costs for Erasmus Mundus students reflect the national legal framework of individual institutions as well as individual institutions participation cost/tuition fee policy..


EU Erasmus Mundus student scholarships are distributed to students accepting a MERGED offer for admission and are selected for a MERGED Erasmus Mundus student scholarship.

The distribution of the EU Erasmus Mundus student scholarships is performed in compliance with Erasmus Mundus student scholarship regulations set by EU.

Appeals and complains

In case of complaint, the Student may appeal to the MERGED consortium, through the MERGED Commission, with a reasoned written argument addressed to the programme coordinator. The MERGED consortium will consider the issue and will handle it within thirty days. The MERGED consortium then points the complaints to the correct body within each university where appropriate. However, for specific complaints about a specific service or facility provided by a member institution, the Student shall invoke the complaints procedure of that institution.

Student Agreement